“GP’s can refer for either – a Dynamic Shoulder Assessment or Both A Dynamic Shoulder assessment and A course of treatment at Modern Edge Physiotherapy” 


Option 1. Dynamic Shoulder Assessment – only 

  1. A detailed dynamic assessment at Port Macquarie X-ray - The Shoulder Clinic combines the clarity of shoulder imaging and the knowledge of movement to provide patients and their GP with a greater understanding and direction in their rehabilitation.   

    2. GPs will be provided a combined radiological & physiotherapy report that highlights: 

  • A list of the patient’s shoulder impairments and their effect on shoulder function
  • Key features and understanding of the patient’s rehabilitation pathways
  • Contact details for further discussion and information  

For a Dynamic Shoulder Assessment please contact Port Macquarie X-ray.


Option 2. Dynamic Shoulder Assessment and Treatment

  1. A detailed dynamic assessment at Port Macquarie X ray. 
  2. Following your assessment the option of continuing your shoulder management at Modern Edge Physiotherapy. This method ensures you are receiving the right treatment for you problem and fast tracks your recovery.